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The Promise of Pre-Fall

Brigette GrayComment
The Promise of Pre-Fall

The Promise of PRE-FALL

  With summer coming to a close and fall a near promise, I find myself overjoyed as always about pre-fall planning! Fall and Winter are my 2 favorite seasons to plan for. I honestly feel the color palettes and textures work better for my complexion and personality! Plus, I love layering and mixing textures to create a visually interesting look! There are a few pieces that I have already purchased in preparation for my favorite time of year! Pieces that I think are a staple! These hero pieces are the key to blending and updating your pieces from last year! Hitting refresh if you will! 


This outfit is the perfect example of a typical fall look for me! My heart beats wildly for feminine fabrics and romantic silhouettes! This outfits is a play on these two ideas while still maintaining an edgy chic feel. Let's start from the top! Literally the top of my head! Newsboy hats have been a longtime favorite of mine! I recall having more than I can count growing up! We saw this trend take shape in the 90's, worn by countless super models, and then resurfaced in the 2000s thanks to Brittany Spears! These 2 eras helped shape my love of newsboy hats as I am sure it did for every other millennial! Moving down to my faux-leather jacket from BCBG that I adore! BCBG will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first major retail company that I worked for! I was employed full time by BCBG for three years and adored my time there. I found myself working in an atmosphere where people were just as fashion obsessed as I was. Sadly the location that I was employed at in Baton Rouge is closing down. They were, however, having a massive sale where I snagged this jacket for only $100! This jacket will serve me well throughout the fall and winter! It layers perfectly over dresses for pre-fall and fall and of course layers well over sweaters and scarves in the winter!


Moving onto my yellow dress! I simply adore this dress! I love the fabric, the cut and the tears of lace! I cannot remember the last time I wore a true yellow item. I love this dress paired with the edgier leather jacket! It gave it a chic polish look that transitions perfectly into fall! Not to mention how cute it looked with that hat! Last but certainly not least are these over the knee boots! I honestly struggle to find boots that fit me well! My calves tend to be an issue. However, these over the knee boots hit me in all the right places! They are not too tight on any part of my leg and really flattered the shape of my body! Again, it is all about texture. I love the mix of textures in this outfit. The delicate yellow lace mixed with the structured stitching in the faux leather jacket paired perfectly with the black suede boots!


I cannot say enough about my excitement for fall! We do have some very exciting travels on the horizon that I cannot wait to style! Stay tuned for more on that! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram to shop my looks via! After signing up for you will receive emails with links to my outfits! Now, it will be even easier to shop my looks! I hope y'all are having a great week so far!