//Walking in New Orleans//

     One of the best parts of Louisiana besides the food and being “A Sportsman’s Paradise” is the rich culture. The best example of this culture can be found in New Orleans. New Orleans is ripping at the seams with history and a unique soul of its own. One casual stroll down the cobble stone streets will enchant you. This city has a way of flirting with all of your senses. Sharing equal parts in the atmosphere are the sounds of jazz music and the intoxicating aroma of beignets. The architecture alone perfectly represents the unique beauty of New Orleans. The beautiful columns and southern front porches lining the sidewalk is a site to marvel. On the streets of New Orleans you are no longer a visitor or spectator. You become one with the unique rhythm of the city; A city that is overflowing with southern charm.

     On this fun day in New Orleans with my husband I wanted to be comfortable and warm. I opted for a black piko top and leggings. My super fun coat was a bargain at just $29 from Altar’d State’s current sale. I adore the colors and cut of this coat so much! I know I will wear it to death before the end of winter. My boots were also a recent purchase from the Altar’d State sale! I have been looking for a pair of over-the-knee riding boots for ages! These boots were the perfect fit for my 5’2 height and perfect price at just $16 with the amazing sale! My necklace is a hand made creation by yours truly!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! 

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