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The Shoes of Spring: Spring Edit 2019

Brigette GrayComment
The Shoes of Spring: Spring Edit 2019

The Shoes of Spring Edit: Spring Edit 2019

One flip through the new Vogue or scroll through your Instagram feed will make one thing perfectly clear, shoes have taken over this spring! While fabulous shoes are a season-less staple, this Spring footwear has come to the forefront of must-have necessities! While there are so many styles to admire and chat about, I have pulled together my top 5 below! Scroll through the carousels to see and shop Spring’s hottest of-the-moment shoes! 

What I’m loving?! 

I simply cannot get enough of the re-emergence of the strapping heeled sandal! This nod to 90’s footwear has me overjoyed as I was a little kid in the 90’s and clearly didn’t get to participate in the trend! Well, unless you count putting my 5 year old feet in my mom’s size 6 shoes! This will be my first go at the strappy heeled look! I have been sourcing photos of Carrie Bradshaw ( early years) for inspo! 

As for other footwear must haves, I am loving the look of the natural elements, unique heel shapes, and leg elongating clear accents! There are so many styles to try out this season! What are you waiting for! Head to the carousels below! I may have ordered a few pairs of my top picks already! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

The Strapy Sandal

Clearly Spring’s Fav

Espadrille & Platforms

Natural Elements

Mules & Slingbacks

Brigette’s Top Picks: