The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edit: Public Access

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edit: Public Access

It is absolutely no secret that fall and winter are my favorite seasons of the year! Between birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, my entire year revolves around these two seasons! Plus, I long for the cooler temperatures and amazing layers the season brings! Each year in July, as the heat and summer months dwindle on slowly, I grow impatient anticipating Autumn and Winter! Luckily, like a shining beacon of hope, a sale geared towards the good months emerges! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is truly one of the only sales that grabs my attention year after year. The concept of discounted new fall items before they hit the floor is almost too good to be true! This sale comes in two waves! The first week or so of the sale is for Nordstrom cardholders only and is called Early Access! The 2nd wave of the sale starts on July 20th and it’s open to the public and can be shopped with any form of payment!

Below you’ll find a "cheat sheet" of items I purchased that you can reference through the sale! If something you want is not available I would suggest opening the link and then saving it in your phone or on your computer! This will make your shopping so much easier and eliminate your search time! You will also find carousels of all of my top picks broken down by category below! My number one tip is DO NOT HESITATE! THINGS WILL GO QUICK! Nordstrom has an amazing return policy! When in doubt...order, try on and return what you don’t love!

Also, I have a full try on haul saved in the highlighted section of my Instagram stories! Feel free to check that out for inspiration and links to everything I purchased! I would love to see what you get! Be sure to tag me in your insta OOTDs from the sale! Happy shopping!

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