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Rework Your Look: The Winter Edit

Brigette GrayComment
Rework Your Look: The Winter Edit
Rework your winter outfits. Pink Rebeca Minkoff Jumbo Love

There is something about the season between winter and spring that I truly love! I always feel re-inspired by items I currently own and challenge myself to revamp them to get more wear from them! This jacket, for example, is one of my all time favorite BCBG items that I own! It has held a special place in my closet for over five years and has only recently made multiple appearances in one season! I love the print and the shape but often struggle to pair it with other items! Since all things go with pink in my world, it just seemed natural to pair it with as much pink as possible! Pink...Presto! Just like that an outfit is born! 

   While I am gearing up for the change of seasons, I must admit I hate to see winter go. I literally LOVE the winter months so much! Those cozy evenings in, and chilly outings are what I wait for all year long! I would love to live somewhere that is cooler throughout the year! Louisiana tends to go from freezing to 100+ degrees in one week with little to no notice. It is so sad. Especially for a layer lover like me. I cannot wait to share some of the looks I am eyeing up for spring! Spoiler alert! There will be lots of pink! Duh! Would you expect anything less?! 

  I want to truly say thank you for stopping by the blog! It means so much to me to have you reading through and enjoying my blog post! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I am also planning to adopt a consistent posting schedule this month! As soon as I lock down that plan you will be the first to know! Again, I hope you have a wonderful week! 


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