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Fall Hues: The Pantone Color Pallet Breakdown

Brigette GrayComment
Fall Hues: The Pantone Color Pallet Breakdown

Fall Hues: The Pantone Color Pallet Breakdown


The fall frenzy has officially begun! I have already started researching upcoming seasonal trends and color pallets as any true fashion girl would! As I am not much of a trend seeker myself, I prefer to keep my looks true to my personal style, I like to keep my looks current by incorporating the trending color pallet of the season! So what does that mean? Well, for example, while I won't be changing the shape of my favorite sweater much, I will be modifying its color to stay "on trend". This is a great way to keep your style true to yourself while still playing with the current color palette! 

Pantone has without a doubt become the color palette authority! What they say goes! Luckily for me I have been loving their predictions for the past few seasons! Hello millennial pink! This season their predictions give us a wide range of hues to play with! I have included an image below of the color palette!


So how do you use it? Well, as I said previously, I already know what shapes and silhouettes work for my body shape. I use the Pantone Color Pallet as a guide for further excentuating my existing style. Not sure what colors work for you? I would suggest taking a trip to a fabric store! Bring an honest friend or find a mirror and hold up swatches of fabric to your face! Using this simple method, it will be apparent what colors work for you! The right shade will excentuate your features, make your skin look dreamy and your eyes and hair color pop! 

I hope you are as excited about this new color palette as I am! I know it can be daunting to take on new shades and find pieces that are perfect! So, I have done the searching for you! I have put together a few carousels below with pieces that are perfect! Take a look and shop any of the photos by clicking on them! I hope you are having a great first week of fall! Please make sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven't already and take a look at my my recent YouTube video, where I am showing you a fall lookbook! See you soon!