Staying Inspired

Staying Inspired

Staying inspired! As a content creator I find myself experiencing dramatic highs and lows when it comes to inspiration. The moments I feel most myself and the most proud of always come from a place of self discovery. Defining your personal style is a feat all in itself. But being able to constantly develop and grow your personal style is an entirely different animal. This type of cultivation requires you to allow yourself to dream explore and interact with new elements and new creative outlets. It is no secret that my style errs on the feminine and uber whimsical style. I draw inspiration from classic film stars, fictional characters, and the locations that the         aforementioned are photographed! While this approach to fashion has always suited me well, I find myself hitting a roadblock at times. The urge and desire to stay constantly inspired is a balancing act. 

While I enjoy scrolling through Instagram as much as the next girl/guy, I find these outlets often drain me of my own personal voice as an artist and creator. It's hard to hear your own voice in a sea of millions, you know? I have been challenging myself to step away from mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. What I do instead is seek out the content creators and accounts that inspire me as a personal style enthusiast and a human! Please don't misunderstand me here. I love and support so many accounts that I follow! There are some incredibly talented creators out there and they are great at engaging their audience! I love, support and admire that! However, when I hit a creative low I need to pull myself back a bit and focus on re-inspiring myself to move forward with  doing what I love, the way I love to do it! I also feel like I am doing others a disservice by over stimulating my senses with too many beautiful images at one time. I find myself no longer being in awe of the beauty of the Almfie coast, the jaw drooping blue rooftops of Greece, the romance and glamour of the Eiffel Tower. It makes me feel sad and I have to pull myself back from being over stimulated by gorgeous images! They lose their luster if you see them all the time.

Instead I focus on inspiring myself through other outlets! When is the last time you watched a classic film? It is impossible to not be inspired by Audrey Hepburn! Her style and taste were impeccable! I am still a fan of holding a magazine! I know, so old school! In an age that has gone completely digital, I enjoy flipping through the glossy pages of Vogue or InStyle! I like to make notes in the margins and even save some of the pages for inspiration! I also find inspiration from television shows! There are just some characters that speak to me! Like Lemon Breeland, and of course Blair Waldorf. Both have incredible wardrobes, truly magical! One media outlet that I enjoy most for keeping inspired is Pinterest! Unlike Instagram, where I mindlessly thumb through gorgeous photos that may not peak my interest because I am over exposed, Pinterest allows me to seek out exactly what I'm looking for! I cannot tell you how many times I've typed Italian Riviera, Bridget Bardot and French Girls when I'm looking for wardrobe inspiration! Pinterest is a fabulous outlet to refine your style before making the purchases! I have so many inspiration boards! Everything from travel to wardrobe to lifestyle ideas! I have started adding my own blog content to Pinterest as well! I'll pop the link below so you can follow me there! 

  Staying inspired is so important! I hope that you enjoy my content and it inspires you and enriches your world! Leave me a comment below with who inspires your and how you keep your inspiration fresh! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope you are having a wonderful week! 

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