Summer is in full swing and I have to say this year I am loving it! I am a true fall/ winter girl at heart but this year I am enjoying the summer sun. Well, I'm enjoying on my terms, covered in 100 SPF of course! I am very fare complected and burn and freckle so easy. So when it comes to summer fun in the sun, I never skimp on spf! I use sunscreen on my face everyday all year around! My favorite is the Ceravè AM moisturizer! My Lancôme liquid foundation also has spf in it! Together these 2 products protect my face daily. On the days I do not wear any makeup at all, which is most days because I work from home, the Ceravè AM lotion is the perfect amount of protection for running out for coffee and lunch! If I am going to the beach, watching a baseball game, fishing with my husband or doing any activity that requires me to be outside for an extended period of time, I always wear 100 SPF under my Lancôme foundation. This is not the most lightweight feeling on the face, but I know I will not burn or expose my face to sun damage and wrinkles.

  As for my body, I like to use a spray SPF of at least 70. I know this seems high to some but with my skin type I tend to burn so easily. I used to play fast and loose with my skin and sun exposure.  As a kid I was very tan and got that tan very easily.  When I got older it seemed that the sun was no longer my friend. I always air on the side of caution and go with the higher SPF. There is nothing worse than being on vacation or traveling with a sunburn. Ouch!  I am very passionate about protecting yourself from sun damage! As a fashion girl and beauty lover there is just no substitute for healthy skin! I am so passionate about it that I find myself wanting to put SPF on others! Haha! 

  I hope you have enjoyed this simple little post! I have linked some of my favorite sun protection products below! Some of these products are beauty related while some are apparel! I have also linked the details for this adorable Grace Kelly inspired outfit below! I must say, I  adore Grace Kelly and having a chance to re-create some of her images was so much fun! I hope you have a great week!