Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

I am currently sitting on a flight to Chicago and thinking about all the things that I need to be doing...blogging, editing, writing emails. My mind races, did I forgot to pack anything? I wonder if the stranger beside me would mind getting up so I can go to the bathroom? Why isn't the wifi on planes better? So many thoughts running through my mind. But I am super excited to get to our destination and visits some very old and dear friends in their new city! I have had the luxury of traveling many places and LOVE the opportunity! In my opinion, traveling is such an important part of personal growth. There is something to learn and discover everywhere! International travel is obviously my favorite! The idea of getting on a plane and waking up in a foreign land that speaks a different language and has a totally different culture is thrilling! When asked the question, "if you had a super power what would it be?", I have recently been thinking I would choose the ability to teleport myself anywhere with the snap of my fingers. I would of course want the Harry Potter upgraded version where I could just grab ahold of someone and bring them with me when I "jump"! Ha! Fun to think about huh?! Imagine the time and money I would save on airfare!

It is a rare sighting to see me in a pair of jeans. I can usually be spotted in ladylike skirts and dresses or jumpsuits and rompers. I wouldn't say I never wear jeans, but i would say I have contemplated staying home from social occasions to avoid wearing them! Haha! That being said, I came across these jeans at GAP and pretty much loved them straight away! Something about them felt elevated and feminine. I am loving the high waist cut that so many retailers are doing. These jeans of course remind me of how my gorgeous mom dressed when i was a little kid in the 90s! I paired my new fav jeans with a simple white top and hoop earrings! My shoes were truly the star of the show in my opinion! These pearl embellished babies needed a moment, you know what I mean! I finished the look off with my favorite red hot Vera Bradley cross body bag and Chanel lipstick! This look had a real "Cindy Crowfard feel"! I can recall seeing her pepsi commercials as a little girl and thinking she was so glamorous in her jeans! 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! It has been a crazy week of travel! Crazy and busy but so fun! I have some very exciting content and travels coming up this month! I have linked my outfit below so you can have your own "Cindy Crawford 90's moment"! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 


Top-(similar)  Here

Jeans- Here

Shoes- Here

Earrings- Here

Lipstick- Here

Bag- Here