Finding Your Own Personal Style

Finding Your Own Personal Style

   I have spoken previously about my passion for personal style! There is nothing I love more than choosing pieces that reflect my style aesthetic ! When the rest of the world seems to be going through an identity crisis and chasing down the ever changing "trend train", I find it best to remain a classic version of yourself! Am I saying you can never wear trends? Of course not! I see nothing wrong with wearing a more trendy piece as long as you can blend it with your own personal style. For example, I simply cannot wear chokers. There is something about them that throws off the identity of my outfit! Now that's not to say I won't find one that may work in the future. But for now, that trend is not for me! However, I reserve the right to change my mind! Ha! That's owning your own personal style! 

   So what is my style? How do you define it? I think this question can be answered by looking at your style influencers! I tend to be inspired by style icons of the past! Especially Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy! My style is also heavily influenced by geography! When traveling I tend to channel a style icon of the area! For example, no one does Paris like Brigitte Bardot! No one does New York like Audrey Hepburn! By studying and allowing these style icons to influence my wardrobe I am able to find a balance between modern and classic. My style tends to air on a dreamier side...somewhere between a classic film and a fairytale! This is probably why I find travel blogging the most inspiring! It is so easy to choose a persona and embrace it! For more on my personal style, see my previous blog HERE! 

  This outfit was inspired entirely by this beautiful black and white building downtown! Louisiana presents its own set of challenges when shooting fashion photography! However this building has a certain French "je ne sais quoi" about it! I knew exactly what I wanted to wear when I saw it! My black and white thin turtleneck is from Zara and reminds me of a shirt that I wore in the 90s as a little girl! I love the slight ruffle hem on the neck and sleeves! My pinafore is a ASOS find and I must say I have become obsessed with them! I have bought a few of them and have them on standby for something fun! My shoes are what pearly dreams are made of! Heavily inspired by a high end designer at a fraction of the price! My always-classic and perfectly me black boater hat was a must! I have been on the search for the perfect black boater hat for two years! I would say I found it! As for the ribbon, let's just say I never really stopped wearing bows! I guess that's just the southern girl and me! I love a good bow moment! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I have linked my outfit details below so you can shop the look! Please make sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven't already and leave me comments below about who your style icon is! Who influences you?! I would love to chat with y'all! 


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