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Vera Bradley: Havana Inspired Collection

Brigette GrayComment
Vera Bradley: Havana Inspired Collection

I am always thrilled to partner with my favorite brands to create beautiful, editorial style content for my audience. I love walking into a store and feeling the energy and culture of a brand. Having a strong background in retail myself, I love to be enchanted by a store and allow that store and the products in it to inspire me. I am the kind of person who finds inspiration from the "prettiness" around me. So when I was given the opportunity to experience Vera Bradley's new Havana inspired line, I was literally overjoyed! 

As we walked into the gorgeous Mall of Louisiana Vera Bradley location, I immediately felt drawn in by the gorgeous prints and jaw dropping colors! Everything about the store was so bright and colorful! The entire presentation of the store gives off an international feel that I fell hard for! To begin, let's talk about the music! I am a music person at heart. Give me the right song and I'll daydream all day long! So walking into Vera Bradley to experience their new Havana line, the first thing that piqued my senses was the music! Wow! So fun and saucy! I found myself literally doing the salsa! And not very well I must add! Ha! As I walked around the store I couldn't help but feel impressed by the amount of detail and thought that was put into representing this new and exciting line! The store was decorated with vibrant, colorful displays from tropical leaves, touches of whicker, and cigar boxes sprinkled throughout the entryway and display tables! Speaking of displays, I was absolutely in love with the fruit and flower encrusted headdresses the mannequins where wearing! The store was full of visual appeal, and felt so fun! 

There were so many pieces in the store that spoke to me! With my extreme love of travel, I found myself immediately drawn to the luggage! I am a sucker for a good carry on bag! I love Vera's duffle bags! They are perfect for weekend getaways or long haul flights!

The print that immediately captured my attention was the Havana Rose print! The colorful display of florals against the dark black background really felt fresh and unexpected to me! I am a true girly girl at heart! So florals are always on my radar! There is something about the Havana Rose print that felt feminine but still wearable regardless of your feelings towards florals! My favorite element of the Vera Bradley brand are the options and varieties in each print range! I love that I was able to find several pieces in the Havana Rose print that I could easily use day to day! I don't know about you but when I find something that is visually pretty and inspiring, I want to be fully surrounded by it! I had plenty of options to choose from!

Each print comes in a full range of products from travel bags, Yoga mats, backpacks, handbags, sunglasses, throw blankets, makeup bags and the list goes on and on! I just love having all of those options! For example, I can't think of a better way to brighten a gloomy rainy day than with a Havana Rose Umbrella! Vera's prints can turn an ordinary rainy day into and vibrant display of color and fun! That is the best part of the brand! When you are surrounded by inspiring pieces the ordinary feels a little more fun! 

The other print in the new line that I fell in love with was the Cuban Stamp range! Wow! The colors and prints in this line were just too adorable. I'm telling y'all, I wanted to buy a ticket to somewhere tropical and bring this entire line with me! The Cuban Stamp print has the most adorable little images of sharks, vintage cars, and floral stamps all over it! It was precious!

Again, you can choose from a full line of products in this print. I ended up with a precious little travel pill case! It's perfect for traveling with my daily vitamins! Every time I pull the little pouch from my purse I have a rush of feelings sweep over me again and I have to fight the urge to book a tropical vacation! Ha! The prints are really inspiring and envoke excitement when you see them! Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by that!

A few of the other prints and lines that I fell in love with were the Cuban Tile and the entire Preppy Poly  line! The Cuban Tile print is a  gorgeous mixture of different shades of blue. I literally found myself staring into this print and dreaming of a Cuban getaway! The print is stunning and screams resort! There was a wonderful selection of travel bags as well as purses and accessories in this amazing print! Perfect for your next vacation! 

The Preppy Polly line was one of my favorite lines in the store. The shapes and colors of the bags were so classic and streamline. These are the perfect line to travel with! I loved the durable nylon fabric used on these bags. They will be easy to clean after a trip! I personally love to have matching pieces when I travel. I feel like it helps me keep an eye on my belongings and its so pretty and stylish! I was in love with the yellow set! I would highly recommend checking this line out for your next trip!  

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope that you have enjoyed this in-depth look into Vera Bradley's new line! Do yourself a big favor and check out this line in person at your local Vera location! I know you will be enchanted by the atmosphere they have created and extremely impressed with the new line! I have also attached links to all of the lines mentioned throughout the blog, so be sure to give them a click!  I want to say a very special thank you to the amazing team at Mall of Louisiana's Vera Bradley location! It is always a pleasure to learn about the new lines and partner with them on these fun projects! Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very happy Valentines Day!