Virgo Boutique Ya'll

Virgo Boutique Ya'll

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is sharing my fashion favorites and where to get them! When I find a shop that has beautiful fashion, exceptional customer service and great prices, I have to share it! I enjoy all types of shopping experiences, from malls and farmers markets to vintage and consignment. Each location offers a different vibe and unique experience. However, One of my favorite types of shopping is boutique shopping! There is something so charming and personal about buying an outfit at a specialty boutique. One of my favorite boutiques is Virgo Boutique in Gonzales, Louisiana! Virgo is a local gem that has been in buisness for nearly 8 years. They have perfected the charming boutique shopping experience! I know that each time I walk into the shop I am going to be greeted with a smile, and wowed with "of the moment" trends season after season! 

Virgo is owned and operated by a beautiful mother daughter duo who have a fabulous eye for design and impeccable good taste! This is evidence by simply walking into their beautiful shop! Bree and her mom, Julie, have done an incredible job of creating a one of a kind shopping experience for all ages. I had the opportunity to spend some time in their shop on Saturday, as always I left feeling pampered, inspired and out-fitted head to toe! The simple luxury of finding an entire outfit in one location is reason enough to visit their shop.

But don't worry out of state readers! I have not forgotten about you! Virgo also has a fabulous website where you can shop their wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories AND have them shipped directly to your door step! It doesn't get any more full-service than that! You can get the Virgo experience without ever leaving your sofa!  Another helpful tip is to follow their account on Instagram @shopvirgoboutique! I am so tempted by each post, compelling me to jump on their website! It's a little dangerous for me! Haha! Follow at your own risk!

As I said earlier the in-store shopping experience is so charming. As soon as you walk through the door you are warmly greeted by a sales associate who is eager to help you. I can't speak highly enough about their excellent customer service. The associates are truly there to give you the best shopping experience possible. They are very knowledgable about their inventory and are quick to offer helpful suggestions and start a fitting room for you! As soon as you select an item of interest it will be whisked away into a fitting room and your name added to a board corresponding with your room number. I love this! One of the many charming details that Virgo has perfected! It's the little things that count the most!

As I made my way through the store my fitting room grew quit rapidly as I browsed the store falling in love with dozens of items. After selecting a slew of printed, ruffled and scalloped items, I skipped off to the fitting room to indulge in an epic dress up session! The best part was exiting the fitting room and spotting every single accessory needed to complete the outfit. I am telling you Virgo has it all! If one- stop shopping is your preference then Virgo Boutique is your store! I walked through the shop grabbing jewelry, handbags and sunglasses that worked perfectly with each look! I was like a kid in a candy store! 

My favorite section of the store was the formal wear section. Since my heart beats widely for rhinestones, chiffon and an evening clutch, this area was right up my ally! Each dress is individually stored in its own garment bag to protect the integrity of the intricate details of the gowns. I drooled over each jeweled covered dress wishing I had a reason to buy a formal gown!

Without any balls or cotillions on the horizon for me, I eventually moved on from the section and found myself looking at an entire table of dazzling costume jewelry, formal shoes and bags! I highly recommend a visit to the store for your next formal event! They had everything you would need for a head to toe red carpet worthy look. I was so impressed! 

I want to say a big thank you to Bree and her Mom Mrs. Julie for having me at their beautiful shop on Saturday! I also want to thank the team of associates that helped me! Y'all are incredible! I had blast shopping with the Virgo girls! 

As I said earlier Virgo Boutique has an incredible website with everything you need to make a fabulous head to toe outfit! Bree and Mrs. Julie were so kind to offer you guys a special discount code for your next purchase! When you use the code ( BRIGETTE15 ) at check out, you will receive 15% off of your purchase! I highly recommend checking out their website at

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for some really exciting Instagram pictures this week! I am doing some traveling! Follow me on Instagram as I reveal my secret location! Until next time, I hope everyone has a great week!