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Fall in South Louisiana

Brigette GrayComment
Fall in South Louisiana

Fall takes many different colors, temperatures and shapes all around the world! While I envy the golden hues that fall in Vermont, the chilly crisp air in the smokey mountains, and the painfully charming beauty of a NYC fall, there is something about fall in the deep south that has stolen my heart. When long summer days give way to early sunsets and cooler temps, south Louisiana has an appeal and whimsy that is uniquely its own! While the leaves won't turn gorgeous hues of gold and red here, there is something awe inspiring about sitting on your back porch surrounded by Spanish moss covered cypress trees that cause the sunlight to dance across the water that is magical! Fall in the deep south has more than just visual appeal, it is a sound, a feeling, a flavor that is unique and impossible to replicate! It's the smell of bonfires and gumbo, the flavor of crawfish étouffée and the sound of a Saturday crowd in Tiger Stadium! It is Louisiana! It is HOME! 

For this look I have done a little pattern mixing with stripes and leopard! My two favorite patterns to mix and match! First of all I absolutely love how crisp and clean navy blue and white stripes are!

My ankle pants were the perfect bottom for this relaxed looked paired with my leopard loafers! My coat was a steal from H&M last year! I will try to find the exact one and link below. I love the dramatic collar! I always feel like Sherlock Holmes when I wear it!

I finished my look off with my favorite Tory Burch cross-body bag and my pop of color red lip! I adore a red lip for the fall and holiday season! Don't you?! I will link my entire outfit or similar pieces below so you can shop my outfit! 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you are having a wonderful fall wherever you are! Let's chat! Tell me in the comments below where you live and what fall looks like there?! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Top-(similar)  Here and Here
Bottom- (similar) Here, Here, and Here
Coat- (similar) Here, Here, and Here 
Purse-Here and Here 
Lipstick- Here