Blonde Ambition Southern Tradition
Blonde Ambition Southern Tradition

Brigette Gray

My name is Brigette, I am a 20-something living in South Louisiana with my amazing husband and French Bulldog! I am the creator of the blog Blonde Ambition Southern Tradition! I consider my blog an outlet for all things beautiful and inspiring! As a creator I am passionate about personal styling, attainable fashion as well as high end lusting, everything charming the South has to offer, world travel and editorial style photography. My blog is a celebration of whimsical wardrobing! My personal style errs on the dreamier side, somewhere between a classic film and a fairytale! 


My Team

My husband and I colloborte on each blog shoot as he is my photographer. We have worked together over the past two years to create a signature style of photo for my brand. This style is aesthetically appealing, high end and editorial. It is our goal with every shoot to go above and beyond the ordinary to create something magical that my readers can escape in to.

Style Inspo

I hope through my blog you feel inspired, enchanted, and entertained! I have always loved sharing my personal style and fashion finds as well as helping others develop and define their signature style! 


Let's Collab

As a content creator I love partnering with brands to cultivate unique campaigns and take on projects that align with the Blonde Ambition Southern Tradition brand.  If you are interested in collaborating with me on a campaign, please feel free to email me at .